A rift within the ground has opened up releasing all method of unusual monsters into the lands close to the Digsite.
A sorrowful mother waits on the top of the rift for her lengthy misplaced son, who has been missing for 25 years.
At first I thought this was the cause, however then I checked out my Weapons accuracy while carrying my ranged armour, In the negatives, after all.
So as a few of you could know, and some of you could not.
Pairing these with a mixture of Saradomin brews and tremendous restores is the best methods for most high-tier combat.
Gloomy ambiance, an enormous tentacle monster, and giant fish with razor-sharp tooth?
Remove your whole gear and only wield the anger weapon. Kill monsters to get your rage level up.
Once your rage level is full, you will note a cut scene of the past about how Tolna left Launa.
Kill all monsters you need to with the weapon, then change.
If you want to train then use the indignant monsters since they've a lower level however the identical hitpoints. In this room are some level 43 Confusion beasts that can poison you.

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